Javascript Frameworks

By April 28, 2017Uncategorized

Welcome, and thank you for coming.

In the last few years I’ve been hyper-involved with a plethora of technologies at some start-up companies. It’s been challenging and fun but at the same time stressful. My developers seemed to do things in a way that was not flexible to change, nor optimized for the situation.

Maybe I had the wrong people, but maybe I had to learn something.

So I started to re-learned all the latest client-side frameworks, and wow have solutions matured in a way that makes it much easier to package clean solutions.

But there’s one problem. There are too MANY javascript/client-side frameworks out there.

Our adventure into this over the next while is to first build a service that scans the whole web to find what frameworks are being used … from this I can at least figure out and suggest what is really worth knowing. Part of this challenge is going through the effort of an idea and boiling it down into a full-scale web solution. And I’ll share a good chunk of the code with you on github.

And after that it will be a top-down analysis of what the frameworks really have to offer and how future-proof they are.

We are going to be discussing the big guys in detail – Angular, Angular2, Angular4, React, Vue-JS, and Aurelia (not as popular, but a nicely done framework that is fairly clean ECMAScript 6 without boilerplate code).

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